Continue to be good stewards of your tax dollars  
  button Maintain competitive property tax rates  
  button Look for innovation and creative ideas to foster cost savings and tax reductions  
  Promote positive economic development to yields jobs in Urbandale  
  Develop city infrastructure that makes financial sense  
  Expand collaborative working relationships between neighborhoods and schools  
  Continue to expand the fire, EMS and police staffing levels and response  

I will continue to provide the city with:    

  button Focused and strategic goals that will enhance the growth of our community  
  button Positive community leadership  
  button New ideas on how best to reduce the cost of city government  
  button Deliver a collaborative "working together" growth model between neighborhoods and suburbs  
  button Distinguish between financial wants and needs  
  button Demonstrate and provide new ideas to enhance our community  
  button Enthusiasm and vision for our community's future  
  button Establish attainable goals that will benefit our future generations